Davis 2019 catalogue & Weatherlink Live

Davis 2019 catalogueThe official Davis 2019 catalogue is now available. For a PDF copy please click the catalogue cover image alongside (but be aware that it is a large 40MB download) and we do also have a a limited number of printed copies available to customers who are ready to purchase a new station.

While the catalogue is still very recognisable as the familiar Davis main brochure, it has undergone a substantial redesign and reordering of content this year, with several new pages of product comparison to help choose the optimum item, especially amongst devices uploading to the weatherlink.com online weather network.

The main focus of the new content in the 2019 catalogue includes:

  • Explaining the relative features of the mobile-connected products – the Vantage Connect gateway and the Enviromonitor range of products (including the new IPM pest-management software which will be integrated with the Mobilize app);
  • More extensive coverage and explanation of all the features and plan options available for the weatherlink.com platform;
  • Details of a couple of new products;

Weatherlink LiveThe main new product is a device called ‘Weatherlink Live’ (WLL). It is part 6100 and is due for release sometime around April/May 2019. WLL is a major innovation and we expect this to become a vital member of many future Vue and VP2 installations

Weatherlink Live is a data handling device able to receive transmissions from all Vue and VP2 ISS and other transmitters and able to upload data to weatherlink.com and to local networks via WiFi or traditional cabled Ethernet.

It is a new kind of device with no direct parallel in previous VP2 family devices, but is closest in concept to the (now-discontinued) Envoy8X product in the sense that it is a console/receiver device able to receive from multiple transmitters and intended for use only indoors but has no display built in. The key features of WLL will include:

  • Able to receive data from up to eight VP2 transmitters in any combination and upload this data to weatherlink.com. This should at long last open the door to connecting solar and UV sensors to a transmitter other than the ISS and to many other applications;
  • Connect into local networks via WiFi or cabled networks;
  • Simple setup via Bluetooth;
  • Will present a local API;
  • Amazon Alexa enabled;

WLL will effectively supersede the WeatherlinkIP logger, which is therefore expected to be discontinued once WLL becomes available. Further details of WLL will be provided closer to the launch date, but feel free to contact us beforehand if you have any special interest or questions about this new product.