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personal weather stationThis page is an outline introduction to the Vantage Vue station.

The Vantage Vue is the entry-level station in the Davis range and so is the most affordable model. If you’re looking for a straightforward weather station but one that still measures all six of the standard weather readings, the Vue may be all the weather station that you ever need. It is excellent value for money; made to full Davis specifications; and easy and convenient to set up.

The Vue cannot be expanded to incorporate Solar & UV sensors, but as the New WeatherLink Console and the WeatherLink Live can listen to up to 8 channels, 7 other supplementary stations can be added.

If you might need a more comprehensive specification, be sure to look at the Davis Vantage Pro 2 model too.


As with all Davis stations, the Vantage Vue consists of two main parts: the main sensor assembly ( referred to as the ‘ISS’) and the display console. The sensor assembly (ISS) obviously sits outside in the weather, while the console is usually placed indoors where its LCD display screen can easily be read to see the very latest weather readings.

NB Mounting pole is not included as standard.

Weather data is passed automatically from the ISS sensors outside to the console via a special low-power wireless link using exactly the same wireless protocol as the more highly-specified Vantage Pro 2 stations. Wireless range is up to 250m line of sight. And, in general, the Vue employs some of the latest available sensor technology and circuitry including, for example, solid-state magnetic switches for sensing wind speed and direction.

The Vue will provide readings of the following weather parameters:

  • Wind speed and direction (wind cups for speed will be seen above the ISS, with wind vane for direction below);
  • Air temperature and humidity (sensor is inside the white multi-element screen on the rear underside of the ISS);
  • Rainfall (funnel for the self-emptying gauge is the circular opening in the top of the ISS);
  • Atmospheric pressure (sensor inside the console unit);

The Vue has a simple all-in-one design for the sensor assembly; mounting the ISS simply requires it to be attached to the top of a pole and secured by the (supplied) U-bolt fixing. Exactly how you site the pole will obviously depend on your own particular situation. Do remember that you may need occasional access to the ISS to change the battery or e.g. to clean the rain gauge.

The WeatherLink Console is a fully functional and powerful data display, storage, and analysis tool on its own – no Wi-Fi required. Or you can connect to Wi-Fi to join the WeatherLink community and upload and share data safely and securely. Use a free WeatherLink account to log in to all WeatherLink data viewing products and access all of your data on your phone or computer. Upgrade to Pro or Pro+ for more detailed analysis, charting, and mapping of data or to share your data with family, friends, the WeatherLink community, and beyond.


  • Easily navigate, view, and analyze data with the vibrant, HD color touchscreen.
  • Customize the dashboard to see at-a-glance inside and outside temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall, dewpoint, moon phase, highs and lows, and more.
  • Use the full database of historical records to create over 100 graphs for last 24 hours, days, months, or years.
  • Set hundreds of alarms to warn of dangers such as high wind, freezing temperatures, high rain rate, heat index, and more.
  • Receive and display data from your local network – no Wi-Fi required. Or use Wi-Fi to join the WeatherLink community and upload and share data.
  • Track detailed hourly and daily forecasts for the next 7 days when connected to the WeatherLink Cloud.
  • See data from up to 8 transmitting sensors or sensor suites in one location. Choose from 80+ sensors to customize your own personal weather network.
  • View conditions and details for stations worldwide on your screen.
  • See the current conditions from your remote weather station on the console.
  • Protect against data loss during power outages with integrated lithium-ion battery.
  • Add a second console to your system to view data in multiple rooms.
  • Compatible with multiple smart home systems including Amazon Alexa.
  • Console Size: 210mm x 152mm x 19mm
  • Display Area: 171mm x 107mm

Vue Limitations

personal weather station components

The all-in-one ISS (sensor assembly) design on the Vue, while very convenient, does inevitably mean that the sensors cannot be located separately, each at their own individual optimal height. So,

as one example, higher and more consistent wind speed values will always be measured if the sensors are mounted at a good height. But accurate rainfall value can only be measured when the gauge is closer to ground level. So a decision needs to be made when siting a Vue ISS as to whether wind speed or rainfall is the priority. If both wind and rainfall are important then the Vantage Pro 2 station is the better choice because this allows the separate anemometer to be mounted up high while the other sensors can be closer to ground level.

Davis Vantage Vue is available from our online shop!
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