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Davis2012CatPlease use the form below to request more information about Davis weather stations, software or any other aspect of our weather stations website.

On request, we will send you free of charge a comprehensive information pack by post, comprising:

  • Our unique introductory booklet to choosing a weather station;
  • A printed copy of the full current Davis weather stations catalogue (NB A PDF copy of the currrent catalogue may also be downloaded here (9MB file size);
  • Our summary price-list;

A short summary email about Davis weather stations and prices is also usually sent for interim information.

We’ve tried to make this enquiry process simple and you don’t need to fill in every field in the form below (though it’s more difficult to help if you fill in none at all and please don’t forget to enter your email address if you have one – in some cases we may have no other way of contacting you!). But we really do appreciate any clues you can provide as to how you found this site and, if you have a very specific question, the more background detail you can provide the easier it is for us to answer – the free-text area on the form can be used to ask any questions or provide additional background about your enquiry.

We can also on request provide a written quotation for a system – this generally requires that you’ve made some preliminary decision as to the specifics of your preferred system, although accessories can be shown as options if necessary.

If you hate web forms then by all means simply email us your details at or phone on 03336 664175 (or +44 1353 664175 outside of the UK).

Please remember:

For the information pack, please check that your full postal address is entered accurately, especially postcode;
Sorry but we can send the information pack to addresses in the UK and Europe (EU) only;
Your email address does NOT come to us automatically when you submit the form – you do need explicitly to enter it on the form please. Any email address you supply will be kept strictly confidential and will categorically not be used for any other purpose than by ourselves to supply you with information relating to weather stations;

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