Resources – General Guide

The resources section is intended to provide a library of AWS-related information that is is broader in scope than the main product-focus of much of the content here allows. Resources are organised into the following pages:


We have two picture galleries, one for product images don’t readily fit on their parent page and a second illustrating our stands at current and past shows and exhibitions.


Our news page – as you might expect – provides a snapshot of recent news on our products and related matters of interest, along with an up-to-date listing of current versions of relevant software and firmware downloads.


A record of the occasional newsletters that we send out.


These are pages that are not being actively maintained at present, but which are left online so that any external links do not break.

Presenting Weather Data on Web Pages – Novel Examples

This page provides links to a set of web pages that illustrate novel ways of presenting weather data attractively and efficiently on a web page.

Expert Reports

The Expert Reports pages offer two categories of content:

  • Independent reviews of the weather station products that we sell;
  • Specialist application notes detailing how to set up AWS systems in various non-standard configurations  ;
Clickable Map of privately-owned online weather stations

Our well-known clickable map lists an extensive collection of private weather stations currently running live weather-reporting websites in the UK.

Recommended Links

A short set of links to other weather-related resources on the web, all of which come recommended as reliable and comprehensive sourcesof information.

Company Aims

This page provides some background for anyone interested in knowing more about Prodata Weather Systems and our aims.


The sitemap page provides a complete ‘skeleton’ of all the web pages currently on this site to help you see clearly how all the content is organised and to locate specific pages of interest.