2015 Davis Temperature/Humidity Sensors (Legacy)

Note: This page is no longer relevant to VP2 stations of AS revision and later, manufactured post January 2016, but will be left here for reference purposes.

Enhanced Temperature/Humidity sensor

In 2015 Davis introduced new models using a more accurate temperature/humidity sensor. Davis does not officially reveal the types of sensor it uses, but it is almost certain that these are sensors from the Sensirion SHT range.

Prior to 2016, the standard (6152/6162 etc) VP2 stations used the SHT11 sensor, while the ‘new’ enhanced sensor (6155/6164 etc) stations used the SHT15 part. Differences in the accuracy characteristics of these two sensors are shown in the profiles below.

sensirionThe graphs to the right show typical accuracy specifications of the SHT11 and 15 sensors for both humidity  and temperature (and also of the SHT10 sensor, not currently used by Davis). The marked benefit of using the SHT15 part should be plain to see, with a maximum temperature accuracy of ±0.3°C and good humidity accuracy even to high humidity values. For users seeking optimum accuracy for their weather readings, the enhanced sensor was at the time obviously the better choice.

NB These SHT15 sensors are still available in very limited quantities as Davis spare part 7346.174  as a drop-in replacement for pre-AS revision VP2 stations for anyone who wishes to upgrade for enhanced accuracy. Please contact us directly for pricing and to order.

2015 VP2 Model Range (Europe only)

This further option of standard or enhanced temp/hum sensor led for a time to there being no fewer than twelve different station models in the VP2 range, as shown in the 2015 version of the table below (all wireless combinations were available, but no cabled models with FARS were made). The ‘ISS only’ column shows the part number for the ISS (including anemometer) bought as a replacement ISS or as a separate item, to be used e.g. with a pre-existing console, an Envoy or Envoy8X console or a Connect 3G unit:

For completeness, the last two rows of the table also show the two new ‘Ag’ (agriculture) ISS units, which are only currently available as ISS alone (ie and not as part of a complete station) and which therefore need to be paired with a suitable console or Connect unit.

Station ISS only Cabled / Wireless Std / Plus Std/Enh T/H Passive / FARS
6152CUK 6322C C Std Std Passive
6152UK 6322OV W Std Std Passive
6153UK 6323OV W Std Std FARS
6155CUK 6324C C Std Enh Passive
6155UK 6324OV W Std Enh Passive
6158UK 6331OV W Std Enh FARS
6162CUK 6327C C Solar + UV Std Passive
6162UK 6327OV W Solar + UV Std Passive
6163UK 6328OV W Solar + UV Std FARS
6164CUK 6329C C Solar + UV Enh Passive
6164UK 6329OV W Solar + UV Enh Passive
6165UK 6333OV W Solar + UV Enh FARS
N/A 6334C C Solar only Std DFARS
N/A 6334OV W Solar only Std DFARS