Videos listing

Here is a listing of useful videos related to Davis weather stations & accessories plus relevant software, which are to be found mostly on YouTube of course. Only better quality or more useful examples are listed – there are innumerable amateur unboxing-type videos that a YouTube search will also reveal, but these often don’t add much to those listed here.

Recommended videos

Installing a Vantage Vue station

This professional video takes you through setting up a new Vantage Vue station from unboxing through to sensor installation and setting up the Vue console. It provides an excellent introduction to the components of the station and illustrates how straightforward the set-up process is. Set-up of a Vantage Pro 2 station is very similar in principle and almost as simple though of course the hardware is different in detail.

Weatherlink Live unit

An independent video review of the Weatherlink Live device, which also includes a detailed summary of the Weatherlink smartphone app used in conjunction with Weatherlink Live. In general, this is a good comprehensive review though it does miss one or two details such as the smartphone being able to show genuinely live (ie 2.5sec updates) when used in the local network. The review also barely mentions the browser application at which, for some users, may be the main way of viewing their data. 2.0 Walkthrough

This is detailed walkthrough of the browser interface for using the 2.0 platform and provides a good introduction to what you can do and see with 2.0. The narration is rather slow, but all the important points are well-covered. Remember that this covers both Basic (free) and Pro ( subscription) features of 2.0. Also, 2.0 is evolving all the time and there are now additional features not shown here, as well several data interfaces for exporting data to other local and web-based devices, also not covered here. 2.0 Mobile App

A shorter official video covering the basics of the new mobile app for 2.0. This is free to download and works fine with the Basic (free) level of 2.0. The iPhone version of the app is shown here but there is also an Android version, which we understand works similarly.

A brief introduction to Enviromonitor

This is a very short (one-minute) promotional overview of the Enviromonitor system. It’s fine to get an initial idea of the capabilities of Enviromonitor but for much more detail on EM please see the next video.

A much more in-depth presentation on Enviromonitor

This video goes into much greater detail on the capabilities of the Enviromonitor system and the process of setting up a new installation. It covers several sections:

  • A repeat of the initial marketing overview;
  • A more detailed explanation of range and scope of the EM system and sensors;
  • Run-through of the steps in installing a new EM system;
  • An overview of the screens for viewing data in a PC browser;

An updated webinar intro to EnviroMonitor

This recorded webinar will introduce you to the Davis EnviroMonitor platform. With Enviromonitor you can access your weather data and third-party sensor data with an intuitive interface to easily measure soil moisture, monitor flow meters, track chill hours, create frost alarms, track growing degree days and more! With real-time data, you can respond to changing conditions and make timely decisions.

Additional videos

In addition to those linked above, Davis have a steadily growing library of other videos, which is worth checking through for anyone interested in further video resources. These are accessible on the Davis Instruments channel on Youtube

As you might expect, there is a lot of overlap between these two libraries, but the two are not always equally up-to-date and it’s probably worth checking both libraries if you’re looking for a particular video.

There is a mix of video types. Some describe and introduce individual products; others are how-to guides especially for software use; and a final class describes how to perform various maintenance tasks on the Davis stations. Overall, there is a wealth of information available across all the complete video library.

Note that several of the recent videos deal with the new Davis Enviromonitor product, which will be of keen interest to the farming sector but possibly less so to hobbyists and more general users. Also, some of the shorter videos are simply segments of longer versions dealing with an individual topic – in other words if you watch both shorter and longer versions you will see the same content reappearing.

We’re not proposing to list all the available videos here – clicking either of the two links above will show the range of titles available. But it may be worth highlighting a few of the more useful videos

NB A couple of the support videos are a few years old now and definitely showing their age in terms of production values! But it can still be very useful to watch someone else going through the replacement process and to pick up some practical tips.