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The latest addition to the Davis family, the AirLink Air Quality Sensor.

Airlink unit in its protective case for outside use

AirLink measures inside or outside air quality as the particulates content (PM1/2.5/10) and uploads its data directly to the Davis WeatherLink.com cloud platform. Users can therefore know, in real time, the quality of the air they breathe. This information is vital for anyone with a family member sensitive to air-quality, as well as those in cities, certain workplace environments, and where wildfires are apt to happen.

AirLink is, literally, a product for anyone who breathes.

The sensors are mains-powered (only), uploading their data to weatherlink.com via a WiFi link, and can be installed indoors or – with the protective outer case (included) – outdoors. Up to three Airlink sensors can be displayed on a weather station at weatherlink.com, giving existing customers a new way to enhance their stations. Alternatively, if preferred, new customers can create a new weatherlink.com station and use it solely for Airlink data.

NB Airlink uploads its data direct to the Davis weatherlink.com platform from where data is readily available on phone or web browser. It does not connect locally to existing Davis consoles or to Weatherlink Live. But a local API is available and we expect that modern software such as CumulusMX running on local computers will be enhanced to display Airlink data before  long.

For anyone wishing to know more about Airlink, the user manual may be downloaded here.

The Invisible Dangers of Air Quality

The air inside and outside your home is invisible. Even when it is dangerous. Breathing polluted air can lead to serious health issues, especially in children and adults with respiratory and health issues.

Know What You Breathe

AirLink accurately measures particulate matter for PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 to give you easy-to-understand graphs and a color-coded Air Quality Index reading based on inhalable particles that are small enough to penetrate deep in the lungs and enter your the bloodstream.


Sensor unit (with no outer case) in a location inside
  • Indoor & Outdoor:¬†Place AirLink on a desk or countertop, or mount on a wall inside or outside.
  • Accurate: Measures particulates as small as 0.3 micrometers with an accuracy of +/-10 micrograms per cubic meter in concentrations.
  • Real-Time Readings: See updates on your phone and computer every minute.
  • Global Air Quality Indices: Choose from a growing list including US, Canada, Mexico, China, EU, UK, Australia, India, and South Korea.
  • Wi-Fi Connected: Easily connect AirLink to your Wi-Fi network to send data to the Davis Cloud.
  • Use multiple AirLinks as stand-alone sensors at weatherlink.com or easily merge uploaded data with an existing station at weatherlink.com.
  • Airlink also contains a temperature/humidity sensor and so is ideal for providing room temperature data;
  • Compact & Quiet Design: Low profile design with near-silent fan mounts on a wall or sits on a countertop.
  • Simple Setup: Quickly install AirLink by following the simple directions on the free WeatherLink app.
  • 1-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with Davis’s reputation for quality and durability.

Now in stock and available from our online shop!
Buy Now