New WiFi logger for Davis stations

Wifi Logger
WiFi logger

Prodata Weather Systems is delighted to announce the availability of a new third-party data logger for all Davis Vue and VP2/Envoy consoles, which interfaces to PCs & other computers via WiFi.

All previous Davis loggers have been constrained by requiring a cable connection to feed weather data to a local PC or network router. But now, for the first time, this WiFi logger allows your console to be placed anywhere that has a reasonable WiFi signal and a nearby AC mains outlet for console power.

Key features of the new WiFi logger include:

  • Similar small size (40x25mm) to the standard Davis logger, and fitting in a similar way internally in the console battery compartment;
  • Performs all the same functions as the standard loggers, but with communication across WiFi rather than a cabled connection;
  • Easy to set up and configure;
  • Upload options direct to Internet weather networks such as Weather Underground, the UK Met Office’s WOW platform and others without requiring a local computer to be running;
  • Real-time weather readings are also available directly on local WiFi device such as smartphone, tablet or laptop;
  • Additional innovative data-handling features are planned for the near future;

Further information is available at and the logger may be purchased from our secure online shop at a price of £149 including VAT and UK P&P.