2.0 Enhancements

The Davis 2.0 cloud platform continues to evolve with the regular addition of new features. These are being added one by one to the platform rather than being saved up for new point releases (ie v2.1, v2.2 etc) and so it’s a good idea if you have a 2.0 account to check the menus regularly for the appearance of new options. We’ll try to flag up any major additions in the posts here, but for today there are two main comments to make:

  • There are some new graphic components showing live weather conditions that can be embedded in your own web page – see below for details;
  • The time is approaching when the v1.0 accounts will all be migrated over to the v2.0 platform. This is scheduled to happen by the end of June this year, but could start to happen any time from now on. As yet we don’t have any information as to whether this will be done in smaller or larger batches or – conceivably – all in one go. We’ll do our best to keep you posted when there’s further news on this;

Live weather graphic components

The graphic above shows one of the formats in which live weather information can now be embedded in your own web page. The weather readings will update automatically at intervals for a period of an hour or so, after which time a page refresh is needed to reactivate automatic updating. The update interval depends on your station type:

Vantage Connect and Enviromonitor systems will update at the plan interval ( ie 5 or 15 or 60 minutes depending on which plan you’ve purchased);

WeatherlinkIP and Weatherlink v6 software systems should automatically refresh every 5 minutes though new data is actually available every minute and can be shown with a manual page refresh;

The graphic shows the current conditions information, which includes all the most commonly requested readings, but the format is fixed and cannot be customised.

The graphic can be embedded in your own web page by including code for an iframe in the HTML of the page. The required code can be found by looking in the maintenance section of your station page on 2.0 (click the spanner icon on the right – click the ‘hamburger’ menu at the top right to start with if the spanner is not visible). Then under the Device menu you should see a submenu called ‘station_embed’. Copy the code from here exactly as is into your own web page and after saving & refreshing you should be able to see the live data on your page..

There are actually three distinct formats available, termed regular (also known as wide), slim and signature. The information displayed on each of these seems to be exactly the same, but the image proportions are different in each case. An example of slim is shown at the top of this page, while signature and regular/wide are shown below.

NB The column here is too narrow to allow the signature to display without a horizontal scroll bar, but on a slightly wider page the full-width graphic should be visible OK.