2016 Davis Catalogue

Davis_2016_catThe Davis 2016 catalogue has now been released. The main Davis Vue and VP2 station ranges continue broadly unchanged, but there are a number of specific product announcements, which will all be reflected in our main product information pages in the next week or two.

The most noteworthy enhancement is that a further change is to made to the standard temperature/humidity sensor in all VP2 product lines. All VP2 ISS and T/H stations (but not Vue models) will now have 0.3°C temperature and 2% RH accuracy. (And the stations with ‘enhanced’ T/H sensors such as 6155, 6164 etc introduced only last year will be withdrawn as superfluous in the light of these latest advances in T/H sensor technology.) It will likely take some little time before the new stations are fully available in the supply chain, but in the meantime if you specifically want a station with the latest sensor then please request an ‘AS’ revision unit when ordering.

Two other significant product announcements: First, a new 6622 Connect product will be available that will be fitted with a dual 2G/3G modem and so able to operate across a wider choice of mobile phone networks.

And, second, a pair of standalone radiation shields pre-fitted with a VP2 temp/hum sensor on a 7.6m cable will be introduced, one with the passive shield and the other with a FARS shield. These will allow the T/H shield to be mounted separately from the main VP2 ISS or wireless transmitter and hence allow greater flexibility in siting these component parts of the overall station.

We’re pleased to say that prices are broadly unchanged. There are a few price tweaks with nudges both down and up for certain individual products but we have been able to hold the prices for most systems at 2015 levels, despite the present Sterling weakness.

PDF copies of the 2016 catalogue may be downloaded from the link at the bottom of our introductory page to the Davis stations or a printed copy may be requested via email.