6622 Connect units introduced

connect_comp400The Vantage Connect unit allows automatic uploads of weather data from remote field sites to the Davis website at weatherlink.com using a data link via the mobile/cellular phone network.

The standard 6620 Connect operates using the 2G/GSM mobile network. In 2016 Davis are introducing a new 6622 Connect variant fitted with a modem that can use either 2G or 3G networks depending on available signals in the locality.

To be clear, Connect does not need high-speed data and  its overall performance will be similar irrespective of whether 2G or 3G networks are used. However, in the coming years (perhaps from 2020 on, although no final decisions appear to have been taken yet for the UK) some older networks may be switched off in order that the frequencies can be reused more efficiently. It isn’t actually clear yet whether 3G might be switched off before 2G or vice versa – there are reasons why either approach might be preferred. But it is clear that the 6622 2G/3G Connect units will be more future-proofed than the 2G-only 6620 units and so we recommend specifying 6622 in preference to 6620 for all new installations.

The 6622 Connect units are expected to be priced £50-60 higher than the current 6620 Connect.