Weatherlink software now a free download

Davis has now made the full version of the local Weatherlink software free to download. This applies to both Windows (v6.0.5) and Mac (v6.0.3) versions of Weatherlink.

This good news. While Weatherlink has always been regarded as free software when included with a logger purchase, the only official way of getting a full new copy of the software (eg if the original CD has been lost) has been to buy a new software CD at some significant cost. There’s also been a steadily increasing problem that modern PCs and Macs often do not possess a CD drive and so there’s been a hurdle to overcome even in first installation of the Weatherlink program.

But now all these problems can be overcome with a free download of the software direct to your PC or Mac.

The downloads are available via the cloud platform. To access the download, log on to in the usual way (or create a new account – it’s free to do so and you do not need to be uploading to and then:

  1. Go to the tab with your personal account details
  2. The download link is then the 4th item in the right-hand sidebar
  3. Clicking this opens a screen that provides access to the various downloads – both complete downloads and also the smaller update files

This process is described in a little more detail on the Weatherlink download topic on our Davis knowledgebase.