New Aerocone shield for VP2 rain gauges

Davis has introduced a new shield shape for all VP2 rain collectors called Aerocone.


It is well known that rain gauges typically under-record rainfall if mounted at any significant height, because the higher wind speeds at increased height above the ground causes a proportion of the rainfall to be deflected from falling into the gauge because of wind-induced aerodynamic effects.

The new design of shield is a major step forwards to mitigate this effect and should lead to greater rainfall accuracy. The new shape allows wind to flow more freely round the cone, reducing turbulence and friction at the mouth of the collector. The new cone also introduces a new design of debris screen, which clips more firmly into place.

The Aerocone design will be progressively included in all new VP2 stations over the coming weeks and is also available as an inexpensive cone replacement kit for existing VP2 rain collectors, which is available now from our online shop.