EnviroMonitor Deals & CerealsLIVE2020

Prodata are proud to be taking part in Cereals Online Event this year – a first for everyone involved.

Prodata Weather Systems, Europe’s leading supplier of the Davis EnviroMonitor environmental data monitoring system, announces substantial savings on their ongoing data plans.

The EnviroMonitor is a unique, fully flexible agriculture-based system which monitors local environmental data via over 165 sensor options, including those monitoring soil moisture, soil temperature, fluid levels, pressure, solar radiation, CO2, temperature, and humidity.  The data collected from these sensors, set up as you require, is sent directly to the Cloud and is accessible via a mobile app or on a local PC.

Peter Palmer, sales director, said: “It is clear that farmers and growers value the EnviroMonitor, but one question which sensibly arises is around the ongoing cost of their data plans.  We have responded to this with our new offer saving them just under £450.”

The offer will be available to those purchasing an EnviroMonitor based system at CerealsLIVE2020.

The EnviroMonitor 6894A 15-minute data plan (covering 24 months) will be included with each purchase free of charge, saving users a massive £440.00, ex VAT. The data plan ensures remote field data is uploaded every 15 minutes to the Cloud and is accessible from your device of choice.  This includes access to WeatherLink.com, the WeatherLink APP and Mobilize the APP that takes raw data and converts it to information they can use to make critical decisions.

Pete added: “As an additional bonus we will also be including 3 years warranty with any systems purchased at CerealsLIVE2020 this demonstrates an increased commitment to our valued customers and to the Davis product.”

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For further information:

Contact: 03336 664175

Sales director, Pete Palmer