Davis 2020 Catalogue

The official Davis 2020 catalogue is now available. For a PDF copy please click the catalogue cover image alongside (but be aware that it is a substantial 12MB download).

The catalogue continues the new-style format introduced with the 2019 edition and is a thoroughly comprehensive guide to all the Davis weather products. Please note that this is the Davis global catalogue edition and does not therefore contain local currency pricing. For UK prices please see our online shop (for most main items) or email or phone for further details.

This year follows the usual Davis practice where all products continue to evolve with updated features but there are no new major product announcements. There are four headline pieces of news:

  • The new tipping spoon mechanism will be introduced into al VP2 rain gauges during 2020. The same mechanism is also available as replacement part for existing VP2 gauges;
  • An ultrasonic anemometer will be available from Davis as a direct substitute for the standard 6410 anemometer. This is a fully self-powered (small solar panel plus rechargeable battery) unit, which is actually sourced from LCJ and so is essentially the same as the ultrasonic unit that we have been selling for a couple of years. However, once supplies start to come through from Davis later in 2020, we hope that some modest improvement in price may be possible.
  • Davis have started to release bundles of the Vue ISS and Weatherlink Live units both with and without the Vue console;
  • An Enviromonitor IP gateway has been launched. This is an analogous product to the Weatherlink Live unit but for EM systems. This is likely to be of more interest to professional users like farmers rather than home users, but promises to be a powerful and cost-effective addition to the EM range;