• EM mesh layout

    *** NEW! Davis EnviroMonitor ***

    For advanced many-sensor remote monitoring
    • Brand new Davis system just launched
    • Highly flexible and fully self-contained
    • Wide range of weather, soil and other sensors
    • Comprehensive new cloud data platform
  • Vue price bubble

    Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station

    Great value in a simple high-quality station
    • See all main weather readings on a real-time display
    • Compact outdoor sensor assembly with wireless link
    • Options for PC/Mac data logging & weather websites
    • Easy to set up and use - see video on 'Learn More'
  • VP2 price bubble

    Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station

    Great flexibility with many sensor options
    • Wireless or cabled models, both with large display
    • Comprehensive sensor and configuration options
    • Options for PC/Mac data logging & weather websites
    • The professional solution for weather monitoring
  • Davis Vantage Connect Data-link

    Latest technology for remote monitoring
    • Report live weather from remote field locations
    • Receives all VP2/Vue wireless sensor transmitters
    • Fully self-contained, solar-powered unit - 3G option
    • Cellular data link reports all data via wl.com website
  • Hand-held wind & weather monitors

    Highly portable for all outdoor activities
    • Measure wind speed from all directions
    • Options to add temp/hum, pressure and UV
    • Eole family for fully self-contained units
    • Skywatch family reporting to smartphone via BT
    • Swiss-made precision instruments
  • MB Pro Red image

    MeteoBridge, Pro & MeteoStick

    Latest data handling accessories
    • Latest technology MeteoBridge Pro now released
    • Uploads to Weather Networks eg WOW made easy
    • Plus advanced features with MB Push Services
    • MeteoStick - Davis-compatible receiver in a USB key!
    • Packet-level access to Vue/VP2 wireless sensor data
  • Instromet Weather Stations

    High-tech stations with retro display appeal
    • Large, impressive display - polished wood surround
    • Fully electronic with cabled sensors & logging option
    • True Sunshine Hours sensor as an option
    • Perfect for sailing and golf club weather displays
  • And much, much more

    Packed with information and great offers
    • New to weather stations? See Beginners guide below
    • Visit our Online Shop for special offers
    • Check out our latest news below
    • Easily create your own live weather website (see right)
    • Ask about advanced data interfaces e.g. Modbus
    • Browse our range of specialist weather accessories

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