Tabbed Weather Data – Demonstration Page 1


This is a web page set up to demonstrate how a tabbed container can be used to present weather data of different types or from different locations in a single, compact and efficient web-page container.

The data shown on this page is live current data that is being uploaded by Davis WeatherlinkIP loggers from five different locations in Cambridgeshire (UK) to the central Davis server at ‘Live’ means that the data should be no more than a maximum of 5 minutes old and should also refresh itself roughly every 5 minutes if the page is left open.

Notes: This is intended purely a demonstration page – you are welcome to view it when you wish but please do not copy it to other web locations or leave the page open and updating automatically for extended periods to avoid overloading the source server for the data. When switching to a new tab, your browser may take a few seconds to download and to display the new data.

Please bear in mind that this demonstration page was put together as a fairly quick example and is not cosmetically as polished as if all the data was under your own direct control and sufficient time/resource was available for final refinement of the page design and layout.

Each tab page below shows two separate data feeds from each station, one in each of two panels:

The top one (with the blue sky background) shows a snapshot of current conditions at the station site.
The lower panel shows summary statistics across a range of weather parameters for today so far (reset at midnight each day).
For the purposes of this quick general demonstration we’ve just shown these two data panels positioned one above the other, but a more elegant presentation would obviously be possible with more time and effort spent on the details of the page design.

Tabbed-container example – Weather at 5 different sites in Cambridgeshire

Click each tab in turn to view the live weather data from that particular station.