Specific Applications

Spec_Apps_Montage1aAre you looking for a new weather station with some specific area of application in mind like education or farming, but maybe haven’t bought or used a weather station before? If so then this set of pages is intended to help. There’s advice on deciding which station model may be most suitable and suggestions as to how best to use the station and the data that it can generate.

We’ve identified a number of common application areas, listed below. If your particular requirement isn’t catered for here then let us know – we’ll do our best to advise you personally and, as soon as any new application areas become sufficiently popular, then we’ll create a new topic page to cover that area of interest.

Please follow the link that’s of most relevance to your interest and you’ll find further information and advice about the most suitable products.

  • Weather Enthusiasts: Information for anyone personally interested in monitoring the weather in detail, whether or not you have any previous experience of using an automatic station; or perhaps it’s the prospect of assessing the progress of possible climate change at first hand that is most appealing?
  • Education: Schools and universities are one of our main customer groups. We cater for all levels from simple stations for primary schools through to advanced installations. It’s amazing how many different curricular subjects the data from automatic weather stations can tie together, eg climate change, geography, science, ICT studies and many others, and can help foster relationships with other schools around the world by sharing each other’s weather data;
  • Outdoor Sporting Activities: Many sports and leisure activities depend on weather conditions for optimum enjoyment. Modern weather stations, with their ability to upload live weather data automatically to a website, allow club members to assess actual weather conditions at the club’s site before making any decision to travel – maybe some distance – to the club.
  • Agriculture: It goes without saying that farms, and indeed horticulture on any scale, rely on keeping track of weather conditions to guide many aspects of their work, for example:Crop irrigation;
    Monitoring growing conditions to assist with decisions about planting, harvesting etc;
    Deciding when to spray to prevent disease;

A modern automatic weather station can provide a highly cost-effective and genuinely local source of data to help growers with all of these decisions;

  • Renewable Energy Surveys: Installing a wind turbine or solar panel can be an expensive job with uncertain payback . For instance, the potential for wind power is often over-estimated – wind speeds can vary to a surprising extent over relatively short distances and regional averages, which are typically measured at highly exposed sites like airfields, may not be a reliable guide to conditions at local sites. A weather station allows you to monitor real-life local conditions for yourself at the exact position of the proposed site for a period of time and so help to prevent uneconomic installations;
  • Business-related Weather Monitoring: Many commercial and industrial activities are now required either by law or by simple good practice policies to maintain a detailed log of weather conditions at their business sites to help, for example, in: Supporting any weather-related contract disputes;
    Managing any potential nuisance from odours and emissions;
    Aiding retrospective investigation of any incidents that are alleged to have occurred;

We have affordable weather station solutions for all of these applications, some of which are well-suited for use by staff who may not be non-technically;

  • Research-related (Including Remote-site Monitoring): Scientific research of many types, eg ecological, archaeological, ageing and weathering of materials outdoors etc is often greatly assisted by a detailed log of weather conditions maintained over the course of a trial or study. Our weather stations can provide a good solution for this sort of application, without undue stress to the research budget. Sometimes, these scientific studies need to be conducted at remote, unattended sites for extended periods and again we can offer tailored solutions for this type of application;
  • Weather Stations As Gifts: Weather stations can make an ideal retirement or special birthday/anniversary present for anyone with a keen interest in the weather. We’re more than happy to advise on suitably good quality, accurate and reliable models for all budgets.