Weather stations for scientific monitoring

fieldsWhether it’s a research project or long term scientific monitoring, environmental factors often need to be logged at regular intervals and the resulting records maintained and graphed.

A Davis Automatic Weather Station, coupled with a Weatherlink data logger and software, allows you to produce long term records of all the main meteorological parameters at a given site. And because data is logged automatically, the sensors can, if required, be sited at a remote, unattended location, sending data back to your office at pre-determined intervals. While this has been possible for some time using sophisticated high-cost meteorological equipment, the latest Davis range of equipment produces accurate, reliable data for around £1000.

The Davis Vantage Pro weather station will measure all the standard meteorological parameters (indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure, and rainfall) as well as displaying a number of derived parameters such as wind chill and evapotranspiration. Additional sensors are also available to measure solar and UV radiation, soil and leaf moisture and to make additional temperature measurements. Wireless systems allow for a wide variety of sensor types and locations to be monitored simultaneously.

Scientific requirements are often complex, either because of the specific location of the sensors, or because of the particular needs to distribute and/or process the data from the weather station. With our professional scientific background, we are happy to advise on specific applications, and will always try to suggest a system that meets your needs most appropriately and cost-effectively. In addition we can advise on how best to relay data to end users, and can develop custom software if necessary.

6361bSometimes there’s a requirement for a monitoring station that can be set up to log weather data in a remote location without external power or communication. This application can also be met with standard Davis equipment and, while we would look to suggest a suitable specification based on a review of each individual project, a typical system might be built around a Davis Envoy console with the following components:

  • Davis Envoy console, in either cabled or wireless form;
  • Separate outside sensor pack (ISS) and anemometer;
  • Weatherlink data logger;
  • Multi-purpose Shelter (A weatherproof housing to contain console etc);
  • Solar panel unit;
  • Mounting tripod;

This type of system is available for around £1200 + VAT and once set up and tested is able to log data for extended periods. The data may be collected by taking a portable PC to the logging site, connecting it to the data logger briefly and downloading the latest batch of data on to the PC. The data may then be transported back to the office for review and analysis. Alternatively, there are systems available that may be able to relay data back automatically to a central office, for example via a cell-phone modem – there are few such applications that are not feasible in principle, but some detailed discussion may be required to identify the most cost-effective solution in individual cases.

Clients with scientific monitoring requirements can deal with confidence with Prodata Weather systems. Our customers have included many well-known universities and colleges, agronomists, environmental scientists, meteorologists, the oil and gas industry, the construction industry and the Defence establishment. We are happy to provide detailed pre-sales information freely and, should you need it, we will give after sales support on all issues relating to the weather station, via email or telephone. And if you want to update your system in the future (say to add extra sensors), we would be happy to advise further.