Recommended Links

Special topic weather links

We maintain a few pages of links devoted to specific weather topics that are often difficult to find elsewhere, including:

NB Please note that the clickable map has been moved to a new page as per the link above. Any links to this map should be updated accordingly.

Weather station forums and additional information

These are online web forums (also called BBS’s in days gone by) for electronic weather stations and software. There are many such forums available now, both UK-based and international. Some are very wide-ranging, with sections on many different weather-related topics, while others may be much more specific focusing on weather stations or on particular software packages. Searching on Google is the best way to find many of these forums, but here are a few to start with:

  • UKWeatherworld – a UK-based forum with an extensive set of sections. The link here is to the weather stations section;
  • WXForum – again, a wide-ranging forum, this time US-based;
  • Weather Display – a forum focused around the widely-used Weather Display software, but also with a lot of useful info on weather stations;

Links to good UK weather sites

There are already several UK sites providing a comprehensive set of general weather links. I don’t plan to duplicate this content so here are links to the best of these ‘gateway’ UK weather sites: FAQ for the newsgroup. Essential reading for anyone interested in weather and a mine of information. A comprehensive set of information and links from Roger Brugge Richard Adams site, again with a broad coverage of weather topics and information, notably including aviation-related content A site dedicated to UK weather topics Another excellent set of links to a range of weather sites from Ant Veal

Sources and use of automatic weather stations

The UK Met Office have a useful official site describing the specification and use of AWS systems. This is well worth reading for the official view on how to make accurate AWS measurements (and why this is tricky to achieve for the typical amateur station).

Other suppliers of meteorological instruments and accessories

Barometer World Excellent source of traditional barometers and related instruments
RS Hydro Source of environmental monitoring instrumentation and advice