Work Opportunities

As a leading supplier of Davis weather stations in the UK and Europe, from time to time we do have work opportunities to join us or to work as associates with us. We are currently offering the opportunities listed below. If you might be interested in any of these jobs or collaborative ventures please contact us by email in the first instance for further information.

Collaborative work in electronics and software development

Part of our business activities involve developing add-ons and accessories for our main weather station products and we are always open to making contact with any small electronics enterprises who may be interested in collaborating on joint projects.

Some of these are for simple, straightforward electronic assemblies such as DC power packs and solar power supplies, but the principle need is for robust, finished products that can be sourced or produced at very affordable prices in low volumes. Other electronic projects may need more detailed design/development work.

We also have various software projects relating to collating or presenting weather data, either on local PCs or on websites. And sometimes there are specific projects that involve both electronic and programming aspects such as adapting 3G modems for use with affordable weather stations.

All of these projects are typically small-scale activities that might appeal to start-up or small-scale businesses – or even serious and capable hobbyists interested in being involved with products with resale potential – but which are unlikely to be commercial enough to attract major business interest. So, in general, we’re not in a position to offer long-term employment or large payments for these specific development activities, but what we can do is to offer ideas, discussion and eg the loan of hardware to anyone who might be interested in collaborating in a worthwhile project. However, if any projects prove successful and might offer sale potential then we would be happy to discuss and agree terms for further joint development & marketing.