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This page contains a few selected pictures that illustrate particular aspects of the weather stations, installations or business events. Clicking on a picture will often show a larger version in a new tab where details can be seen more easily.

VP2/Connect on tripod installation

VP2+Connect on tripod
VP2+Connect on tripod

This picture shows a VP2 ISS with a 2G/3G Connect data link mounted on the optional Davis tripod base and illustrates several details of one suggested installation option.

  • The installation is located in a good open area with excellent exposure for all the sensors over 360°.
  • The tripod feet are secured by screws to a ‘T’ shape made of two chunky wooden ‘sleepers’. Provided the surface underneath is reasonably flat and level this can make an excellent and easily constructed base for the main mounting pole. Extra weights such as breeze blocks can be added on top of the sleepers for extra stability. (NB Ignore the irrelevant spare piece of sleeper in the image.)
  • The standard tripod pole reaches to a height of about 2m. Here, the regular pole has been replaced by a 3m TV aerial pole from a Sheffield-based online supplier for a height over 3.5m for the anemometer – about the highest that’s OK for use without guy wires. Pole diameter should be 32-44mm (1.25-1.75″). Avoid 25mm/1″ poles.
  • Note how the solar panels are each facing due South, while the anemometer arm points due North to provide the standard reference point for wind direction.
Another VP2/Connect on tripod
Another VP2/Connect on tripod

The second smaller picture (right – click to enlarge) shows a variation on the VP2+Connect system mounted on a tripod. Here, three separate shorter sleepers are used and the standard tripod pole is retained, giving a lower anemometer height of around 2m.

NB In these two examples, the Connect box is shown mounted below the main VP2 ISS. (If it were mounted directly above then it could interfere with rainfall collection.) As shown, this Connect box is really too close to the ISS – Davis recommend a minimum separation of a few feet between wireless transmitter (the ISS) and receiver (Connect) to avoid overloading the receiver, though we’ve never encountered any such problems in practice. The Connect could be mounted lower down on one of the tripod legs, though this might not be ideal in poor mobile signal areas.

Ideally, the Connect unit could be mounted separately, off to one side and higher up, if feasible, to optimise mobile phone reception. We can supply cabled versions of ISS and Connect if required which would work around this separation issue, but this is not recommended since it completely prevents any supplementary sensor transmitters being added to the configuration.

 Skywatch BL400 hand-held weather station


bl400-and-benThe Skywatch BL400 is a handheld weather station available in 3 models typically measuring wind speed, temperature & humidity, and pressure, and reporting via Bluetooth to a smartphone.

Skywatch BL units are widely used to monitor weather conditions for many outdoor activity pursuits, including track and field events as shown here, but with many other potential applications too.