Portable Anemometers & Weather Stations

We are no longer bringing in new stock of the BL’s or Handheld Anemometers, we do have some stock left so please contact us directly for availability.

We stock two ranges of Swiss-made JDC portable weather-monitoring devices:

  • The Skywatch BL range – miniature sensors reporting to your smartphone display via Bluetooth;
  • The Eole family of hand-held anemometers and weather stations;

Both ranges are pocket weather stations – perfect for anyone taking part in outdoor leisure or sports activities and with many other work-related applications also. The Skywatch BL range reports data direct to your smartphone and so has greater display and upload options, while the Eole family of handheld units are fully self-contained weather monitoring devices with built-in displays and longer-life batteries.

Skywatch BL range

Skywatch BL400
Skywatch BL400

The Skywatch BL range of weather sensors consists of two components: a cylindrical miniature sensor pack, about 4.5″ tall by 1″ in diameter (116x26mm); and your own existing smartphone, which is used for the real-time display of data. The two units are linked via the latest Bluetooth v4.0 Environmental Protocol (ESP) and free display apps are available for both iOS (v8.4 and later) and Android (v4.4 and later) phones.

There are three models currently announced in the BL range:

  • BL300 – measures wind speed plus temperature & humidity;
  • BL400 – adds barometric pressure to the BL300;
  • BL500 (available shortly) – adds pressure and UV readings to the BL300;

All models use a turbine wind sensor similar to the Windoo sensors and are able to estimate wind direction by differential pressure on the turbine blades. All models are also able to calculate wind chill, heat index and dew point temperatures and the BL400 and BL500 are also able to estimate altitude and QNH pressure using additional GPS tracking.

The smartphone apps for the BL range offer a comprehensive set of features including real-time data display, charting and data tracking, as well as uploads to various online communities including the Skywatch BL online map, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

All Skywatch BL units are powered by an internal rechargeable battery (typical battery life is one week), which can be recharged via a standard micro-USB connector. Each unit is also supplied with a mounting clip, which can obviously be used to fix the BL sensor unit to a suitable mounting point. Typical line-of-sight range between BL unit and smartphone will be up to 30-50m, perhaps more in favourable circumstances.

JDC Handheld anemometers

EoleWe stock a range of three inexpensive hand-held electronic anemometers specifically intended for measuring wind speed at head-height. These units measure wind speed only, not wind direction, plus, optionally, temperature and humidity.

The units are:

  • Eole model – wind speed only (see image right);
  • Meteos model – wind speed and air temperature;
  • Atmos model – wind speed, plus air temperature and humidity;

Wind speed functionality

Because of their cup-based speed sensing, these unit will measure speed accurately with the wind blowing from any direction – unlike many impeller-type hand-held anemometers there is absolutely no need to try to guess the wind direction first and then attempt to point the unit into the wind in order to get a meaningful speed reading. If you’ve ever tried to use an impeller-type anemometer you’ll know just how frustrating it can be trying to get a consistent reading. But simply hold this handheld anemometer aloft for a few seconds and you’ll see an easy-to-read wind speed reading appear on the LCD display.

This unit is both rugged and versatile – use it for for crop-spraying wind-checks, kitesurfing, windsurfing,storm chasing,  target shooting, model aviation, weather monitoring, and all kinds of wind-related activites!

Selected wind speed features

Handheld anemometer prices

Eole (wind speed only) = N/A
Meteos (speed + air temp) = £66
Atmos (speed + temp + RH) = N/A

(All prices include VAT)

  • Measures instant speed; mean speed in user-selectable period; maximum speed in period;
  • Multi-function display shows current speed plus mean or max gust speed at the same time;
  • Accuracy ±3% (to 1 speed unit) in the wind-speed range 2mph to over 100mph;
  • Display able to read in a range of units: MPH, knots, km/h, m/s, fps, bft;
  • Low mass rotor is responsive to gusts;
  • Backlight for use in dull/dark conditions;
  • Water-resistant display can be used in heavy rain;
  • Aluminium bottom plate with thread for attachment to eg camera tripod if required;
  • Supplied with protective cap for the rotor;
  • Compact unit – length 155mm (6″) x width 65mm (2.5″) and weight 235g;
  • Powered by two AA batteries, giving 1-3 years of occasional/intermittent use or several months of very frequent use;

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Meteos and Atmos units

The Meteos (wind speed and temp) and Atmos (speed/temp/humidity) units look identical to the Eole unit pictured above except that they have differently coloured side-mouldings to the yellow Eole.

Additional features for Meteos and Atmos

  • Measure air temperature to 0.2C precision and 0.1C resolution;
  • Can display maximum and minimum temperature over a period;
  • Can calculate and display wind chill temperature;
  • (Atmos only) Measure relative humidity to 1% resolution over the range 2-100% RH;
  • (Atmos only) RH accuracy of ±3% over 20-80% RH range;
  • (Atmos only) Can display maximum and minimum RH over a period;
  • (Atmos only) Can calculate and display dew point temperature;
  • NB For optimum accuracy of temperature and humidity readings, the Meteos and Atmos units must be allowed sufficient time to equilibrate with their surroundings before a definitive reading is taken.

Other handheld anemometers

We do also stock other handheld anemometers of the more traditional fixed vane/impellor types and similar to the Kestrel models, which must be specifically pointed into the correct wind direction in order to make an accurate wind speed measurement. Please contact us for further details of these alternative models.