Weather Stations Buying Guide - Product Range


Davis VP Weather StationProdata Weather Systems specialises in selling Automatic Weather Stations that strike a good balance between quality and affordability.

We have particular expertise in linking these stations to PCs and in running weather-reporting websites, so we can provide in-depth advice on compatible loggers and software. Overall, as suggested by the comprehensive content here, we can offer genuinely unrivalled expertise to help in buying a value-for-money weather station.

Our main weather station products fall in a price range from approximately £300 to £1500, depending on model and accessories. In this price bracket the stations can be specified and manufactured to a good standard, and it also allows good support to be provided. (There are cheaper gadget-type stations available of course, but these can so often prove to be a false economy for any serious weather monitoring application - read more about Davis versus cheap brands).

One manufacturer - Davis Instruments - is the market leader worldwide for stations in this price sector. Davis is a US-based manufacturer that has developed a comprehensive and widely-respected range of weather stations combining good accuracy and robust operation with an attractive price. Thousands of these systems are in use monitoring weather around the world, many in professional installations.

We also offer Instromet weather stations, which are UK-manufactured. The highly individual Instromet stations provide a unique combination of modern electronic sensor technology and a traditional-looking display with large analogue dials and a real-wood case.


Davis offers two main ranges of weather station, the entry-level Vantage Vue model and the extensive range of Vantage Pro 2 (VP2) models. These two ranges are described in separate sections.

The Products menu on this website is therefore organised as follows:

  • The entry-level Vantage Vue models, which offer the same outstanding wireless technology as the VP2 stations in a more limited, but substantially cheaper package;
  • The Vantage Pro 2 (VP2) models: These impressive Davis mainstream stations are the most capable and flexible station models. The range includes an extensive set of supplementary sensors, sophisticated console receivers and many installation accessories - all described on our comprehensive information pages here;
  • The brand-new, solar-powered Vantage Connect product, which is able to provide real-time weather monitoring at virtually any site, will receive data from any Davis wireless sensors (Vue or VP2) and relay their data over the mobile phone network to a central website;
  • Instromet weather stations — fully electronic stations but with large, impressive traditional displays with analogue dials and polished wood cases;
  • Detailed information about compatible data loggers and software;
  • A select range of other weather accessories offering particular value or sensors of special interest;
  • The LeWL wind logger for offline logging, specifically of wind data;
  • Books and reference sources;
  • Detailed information about prices and ordering;

NB Davis Weather Wizard III  and Weather Monitor II stations, which are older cabled designs, have been discontinued for several years now. We still have a couple of pages describing these classic stations and accessories that remain online for reference purposes.

Request more information

Remember also that you're very welcome to request our free printed information pack, consisting of a detailed colour catalogue, price-list and our own 24-page introductory guide to choosing a weather station. The main catalogue is the comprehensive guide to all Davis weather products and the booklet is packed with information about all aspects of selecting a station, including detailed descriptions of the stations, advice on how best to site the sensors and details of linking a station to a PC.

A PDF copy of the current Davis catalogue may also be downloaded here (9MB download).

(We're sorry but the printed information pack can only be sent to addresses in the UK / EU).

Ordering and payment

Our online shop is the best and easiest way of placing an order 24/7.

Alternatively, you may place orders by fax or post. Or if you are unsure about specifying a complete and compatible system and one that will fully meet your requirements and expectations then please feel free to contact us for further discussion by phone (03336 664175) or email.

See ordering page for full details.


This products area focuses - as you might expect - on product details. But elsewhere on this site we do have an extensive Advice area, providing guidance on all aspects of choosing a new weather station.

In addition, we're happy to answer any other specific pre-sales questions by phone or by email.

Buying from Prodata

Prodata Weather Systems is an independent supplier of weather stations. We're proud of not just shifting boxes, but offering:

Quality: We specialise in quality products and, for Davis products, shipping only officially imported equipment with the full official warranty. (Instromet is a UK make.)

Expertise: As an established  specialist supplier of Davis stations, we  know their capabilities in detail and understand how best to link them to PCs and to the Internet. Unlike some suppliers, we use the stations on a daily basis both to run our own weather website and to develop custom software.

Helpful advice: Deciding the best weather and PC equipment for your needs sometimes requires detailed discussion. We are happy to give unlimited expert advice by phone or email - a site visit is usually not necessary.

Competitive pricing: We aim to supply weather stations at the best possible UK prices and will do our best to beat any other confirmed, in-stock price. We also offer regular special deals on Davis bundles;

Service standards: A full one year return to base warranty is provided on all equipment. We aim to answer both pre-sales and support enquiries fully and promptly, and genuinely want you to enjoy using your Davis station. You can be therefore be assured of a friendly and responsive support service, should you ever need it.

Custom projects advice: Please contact us for advice on custom projects such as linking weather data automatically to other software, to the Internet etc. We can often suggest highly cost-effective solutions for automation projects.